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Debugging your jobs

  • If you choose not to go the callback route, then there are a few simple ways to debug your jobs :
    • (Recommended) Install the service on the development machine and have it running. In the solution that has your jobs, set the compile path to the same path as where the service is installed. If you're debugging, you'll catch the breakpoint when your job executes.
    • Attach manually to the service while it's running
  • Debugging callback jobs is a simple matter as you host a little webservice inside your domain (say another website) and the service dials you up when it's ready for you.

Debugging/Enhancing the service and UI

  • It's simple enough to run the service in debug mode with the "ui" debug switch, which allows you to directly debug the service.
  • The easiest way to debug the UI is to run the project (with Service set as startup project) and just run the Web.UI project in the same instance (right click Debug/Start new instance).

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